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Primary care in the comfort of your home

For adult patients living in the Washington Heights and Inwood sections of Manhattan who have difficulty leaving home, we can provide comprehensive, in-home primary care – including chronic disease management and follow-up care after hospitalization.

To schedule a house call, dial: 888-264-8606



If you or someone you care for cannot leave home due to debility or illness, our nurse practitioners can provide in-home primary care in the Washington Heights and Inwood sections of Manhattan.


Our in-home services include:

  • Annual wellness visits, vaccinations and chronic care management
  • Care and treatment guidance for patients and families
  • Coordination of in-home specialist services, including diagnostics testing and laboratory tests
  • Hospital discharge and care planning
  • Post-acute care after hospitalization
  • Writing prescriptions
  • Referrals to specialists in our ColumbiaDoctors network.


To schedule a house call, dial: 888-264-8606

We accept Medicare and most other insurance plans.


House calls referral form:

If you are a provider or agency referring a patient for House Calls, please fill out the following form:

Please send the completed form to Melissa at fax # 212-342-0093.

nurse practitioner with senior citizen
“My nurse practitioner also teaches, is more educated and more knowledgeable about the latest treatments, and isn’t set in an old way of thinking.”
– Patient

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