Coronavirus information. Please create a Connect patient portal account before your visit.

Connect Patient Portal

With Connect, our patient portal, Columbia patients are able to:

  • View test results
  • Schedule online appointments
  • Access online bill payment
  • Enjoy simpler communication with your provider’s office
  • View a record of all appointments, emergency room visits, and inpatient stays
  • Receive After-visit summaries
  • Access telehealth services including follow up video visits and urgent care on-demand

The sign-up process is simple. During your next visit, ask about joining Connect. If you’ve already received your invitation and activation code, head over to our sign-up page.


If you have not received your activation code, please visit our self-sign-up page, or download the app (Andriod, iOS)  and follow the directions.



Schedule an Appointment Through Your Connect Account

Scheduling an appointment through your Connect account is fast and easy. Avoid a phone call to your provider’s office and review appointment times on your computer or mobile device from the comfort and safety of your home, office, or anywhere you choose. To schedule an appointment, you’ll be asked to:

  • Select your provider or reason for visit
  • Choose a location and answer any scheduling questions
  • Select a date and time
  • Review or update your insurance and personal information

Follow these steps to schedule an appointment through your Connect account.

Starting a Video Visit

All Video Visits require the installation of Zoom onto your personal device or computer. You also need to have an active Connect account and be logged in to Connect on your device – either through a browser on your computer or through the app downloaded to your mobile device.


If you are using a mobile device, download the free Zoom Cloud Meetings app by visiting the App Store or Google Play. If you choose to use a computer, download the Zoom Client for Meetings from the Zoom website. If you do not install Zoom prior to your Video Visit, you will be prompted to do so when signing into your scheduled appointment through Connect.


Please remember to log in to Connect at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow sufficient time to complete the Zoom download and to follow the eCheck-In process prior to your Video Visit.


Please view the updated Video Visit instruction guide (in Spanish). If you have any questions, you can message your practice via the Connect patient portal or visit the ColumbiaDoctors website for more information.

What About the FollowMyHealth portal?

Beginning February 1, 2020, no new health information will be posted on your FollowMyHealth account. Your account will remain active, and you’ll still be able to access the existing information. However, you will not be able to connect with your provider through that account.


To stay connected with your Columbia providers, please sign up for a new Connect account. Your health information will start flowing from your FollowMyHealth account to your new Connect account beginning in February 1, 2020.