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The convenience of having help there when you need it

The Nurse Practitioner Group understands the importance of accessible health care and is constantly adapting to the latest technological innovations to ensure patient satisfaction. Our telehealth services embody this philosophy by making the Nurse Practitioner Group more available to patients than ever before.


Note: COVID-19 guidelines call for New York City and tri-state area residents to remain home whenever possible, especially when experiencing flu-like symptoms. We also know it’s important to continue care with healthcare professionals and seek medical help when needed. We’re here for you, and that is why we strongly recommend using Telehealth services when seeking medical care.


What is telehealth?

Telehealth uses a live, secure, internet-based video platform that is available to users on laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. This platform connects patients to providers, eliminating obstacles such as distance, illness, or personal obligations.


In order to participate in our telehealth services, patients must be located in a state where the provider is licensed at the time of all telehealth appointments. All of our providers are licensed in the state of New York. For telehealth in other states, please check with your provider.


At the Nurse Practitioner Group, we offer telehealth services as a supplement to regular in-person care.


Although initial consultations via telehealth are conducted when clinically appropriate, the Nurse Practitioner Group recommends regular in-person visits at intervals per recommendation by your provider.


Benefits of telehealth services

The Nurse Practitioner Group offers telehealth services that address an array of issues in the health care process, for both patients and providers.


A recent Harris Poll survey reported that 23 percent of Americans have prolonged seeing a doctor due to long wait times. In addition, oftentimes unnecessary urgent care or emergency room visits have contributed to high healthcare costs.


Telehealth addresses these issues by acting as a quick and simple bridge between a patient and their provider.


Here are a few benefits of telehealth:

  • Reduces the need for time off work and other obligations
  • Fewer barriers for treatment, such as lack of transportation, illness, or a long commute
  • Increased access to mental health care
  • Lower cancellations as a result of last-minute conflicts
  • Higher follow-up rates and improved continuity of care
  • Reduced wait times in clinics
  • Lower health care costs
  • Facilitates communication between providers for patient care coordination
  • Services a range of health needs, from cancer to prescription medication to mental health


Telehealth visits can only be done on a mobile phone or tablet. In order to take advantage of the benefits of telehealth visits, patients will need to have an account through our new patient portal, Connect.


If you are interested in being a part of the telehealth program at Columbia Nurse Practitioner Group, please contact 212-326-5705.  We will connect you with our telehealth team, which can help you download the application, create a secure account, and set up a test visit to ensure your telehealth experience is a smooth one. You can also learn more about how to sign up for a Connect account on our ‘how to register’ page.