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nurse practitioner featured on news

Nurse Practitioner Group Featured on NY1

Increase in Demand, Increase in Opportunity

With a severe increase in demand for patient care due to a lack of doctor availability, nurse practitioners are now able to have a wider range of responsibilities and opportunities to attend to patients.


Watch the video featured on NY1 or read the transcript below.

Nurse-Run Primary Care on the Rise to Meet Obamacare Demand



Erin Billups – Narrator


“Long wait times in doctor offices are a sign of the need of more healthcare providers. Nurse practitioners are now stepping up to fill the void. Which is why Columbia University’s Nurse Practitioner Group is expanding.”


Stephen Ferrara – Clinical Affairs Associate Dean, Columbia University School of Nursing  


“These nurse practitioners are educated and prepared to care for these patients, can write prescriptions, can order tests, can interpret the tests, and set forth a plan of care.”


Erin Billups


“A state law passed two years ago is reinforcing this trend. The Nurse Practitioner Modernization Act gave N-P’s more authority and autonomy- for example, they no longer need to be tethered to a doctor once they completed 36-hundred clinical hours treating patients.”


Stephen Ferrara


“I do think we’ll see that primary care will by far and large be delivered by nurse practitioners. And it’s not in competition, it’s just that physicians have moved out of that space somewhat and it has left a severe gap in care and coverage.”


Erin Billups


“Steep medical school debt has led many physicians away from primary care, to more lucrative specialties, like oncology. A recent study by the Association of The American Medical College estimates a shortfall of between 15-35 thousand primary care doctors by 2025. Seeing the trend, Columbia opened up its second nurse practitioner practice in Washington Heights in September, and an office in Morningside Heights opened Monday. The space pretty much looks like your standard medical exam room. But nurses here say the difference is time spent with patients.”


Stephen Ferrara


“It’s getting a full comprehensive history, it’s getting a full understanding of what a patient’s goals are really engaging the patient in patient care.”


Henry Lee – patient


“Most doctors they rush you out, they’re like ‘Oh hey, Henry, nice seeing you’ then they rush you out. But over here I noticed they actually spend more time with you and actually ask you more questions.”


Erin Billups


“The Group is planning another expansion in January. Launching house calls to see elderly patients.”


Learn more about The Columbia Nurse Practitioner Group and all the exciting things to come!

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