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Columbia University Herbert and Florence Irving Medical Center HIPAA – Notice of Privacy Practices

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 includes a regulatory requirement to provide every new patient with the organization’s Notice of Privacy Practices (NOPP). The NOPP informs patients how their protected health information (PHI) may be accessed, used, and disclosed by Columbia University Healthcare Component (CUHC) and how to exercise their rights with respect to their PHI. The forms below can be utilized to address your patient rights.

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HIPAA Rights

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) provides comprehensive guidance for patients, including their privacy rights concerning the use or disclosure of their medical information. This includes information regarding:


  • Business Associates
  • De-Information
  • Electronic Data
  • Fundraising and HIPAA
  • HIPAA Breach and Reporting
  • Fundraising
  • Privacy and Information Security Training
  • Limited Data Set Policy
  • Social Media
  • Sale of Protected Health Information
  • Privacy Complaint
  • Non-Retaliation
  • Minimum Necessary
  • Marketing

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Billing Compliance

The Columbia University Irving Medical Center Office for Billing Compliance implements the University’s Billing Compliance Plan and maintains the Billing Compliance Program. It is the obligation of each physician, nonphysician practitioner, and staff members to act ethically and legally and to document and bill for professional services in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Read More

Columbia Nursing Privacy Policy

Columbia University respects the privacy of your personal information and does not, under any circumstances, rent or sell personal information submitted by visitors to our site to any outside third party.


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